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Analyzing Facebook Insights


Facebook insights provides detailed data that goes beyond likes and comments. Days can be broken down to show how much reach was gained through different posts, as well as how many people were talking about that Facebook page. General demographic data is given and individual posts can be analyzed against others to show which was more successful.

There were positive and negative findings from the report on ABC Health and Fitness. Its Facebook page is slowly increasing in likes but not many people are talking about the page or sharing its content. The demographics of those who are reached and those sharing content are pretty similar. It is 60+ % female compared to 40% or less males. Those between the ages of 25-34 interact with the page the most. Almost all the fans sharing the content are from the Central Florida region. This is important knowledge to have because it will allow the company to craft messages towards their largest demographic segments.

One of the biggest negatives I saw was there’s not a lot of traffic being driven to this Facebook page, even from Google search. To increase the likes and to reach more people, Facebook ads should be purchased to get the word out that this page exists. The company should put up a Facebook check-in sign for those people that visit their facility. Hopefully its website provides an easy way for visitors to get to this Facebook page.

The posts that have been utilized in the past need to be analyzed to see what works the best in terms of fans sharing the content. Most posts had engagement but not a lot of social sharing. It seemed the most popular content related to specific events but event posts don’t necessarily spur sharing. Having content that people want to share is a great way to get people talking about the page, and the company should rely on similar posts they already know work.

Cross promotion should be utilized to help drive more traffic to this Facebook page. Facebook posts could be promoted from other social channels. No traffic came to this page from any other social media platform. Email campaigns could be utilized more effectively. There were no social shares from the email. I don’t know if the email had social sharing buttons but if it didn’t, I would highly recommend adding them.

With this company being in the health and fitness industry here are some examples of posts I’d recommend to them.

  • Utilize motivational quotes and graphics. People need to feel an emotion or be inspired to share something.
  • Ask questions related to health and fitness goals.
  • Ask the fans what they would like to see on the Facebook page. People like giving their opinions.
  • Provide health tips and ask fans to share their own tips.
  • Run a promotion where fans can share content to earn points towards different prizes.

I would recommend that this company utilize a few of these ideas in the future to help increase engagement and sharing.