Social Media during the Work Day

I check Facebook incessantly. It’s an addiction but at least I’m aware. I would be afraid to count the times I check it a day. It also doesn’t help that I keep the tab open on my computer and can just jump back and forth between Facebook and work.

Should my employer be worried that I’m spending too much time on Facebook? No, they shouldn’t especially since I’m in charge of our social media efforts and utilize the platform more than half of that time for work purposes.

For employees that don’t work in social media, they shouldn’t be on Facebook or any other social media too often during the work day. It is a distraction and definitely eats up the time that employers are paying them to be productive. I wouldn’t say that employees can’t check Facebook but the time spent should be limited.

I don’t think it is unethical for an employer to track the amount of time employees spend on social media during the day. It is their time that is being wasted so they have the right to see if they are getting their money’s worth.

I liked the tip in our lecture about if you wouldn’t do it in the store, then don’t do it on social media. That’s a good lesson to follow especially if your biographical information or previous posts tie you to a company. At the point that you make that information public, you are representing them whether you’re working at the time of the post or not. You are now an extension of their brand and what you post can reflect back on your employer.

A good way to ensure that your staff is aware of the social media policy is to walk them through it. If the staff is too large to complete this, then distribute the policy and have them sign that they have read the material. Does this mean that everyone will read it? No but they will at least be aware that there is a policy.

To turn social media usage at work into a positive, a company can have employees do research or promote the company. It would be nice for a company to say to their employees that they can spend time on social media if they are sharing company posts, checking out competitors, engaging in communities that benefit the brand or doing research about what others are doing that would be cool to replicate. Companies can get a lot out of employees spending time on social media but the usage guidelines need to be addressed.

Do you think your employer tracks social media usage of employees?

Does your employer have a social media policy that everyone is aware of?


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