Reputation on the line


The tips in our lecture for how to fix a reputation are very useful. Many companies think too much and take too long to respond while a situation may be spiraling out of control. The best thing would be to reach out to the person to let them know you’re listening and that will buy a company some time to craft the best response.

Another thing companies should think about when responding is practicing their response as if the person is right there in front of them. Things can be turned into a positive faster when compassion and a human tone are used.

When it comes to the British Airways promoted tweet fiasco, I’m scared. I remember when this happened and I saw tweets that this could become a new normal. That’s scary for companies. I think the customer had a right to do what he did even if it was extreme. It’s definitely pushing the boundaries of being ethical. Many will find it unethical but I’m on the fence with this one. It isn’t clear to me because I can see both sides of the story. If that’s what he wants to do with his money and it makes him feel better, then more power to him.

British Airways shouldn’t have responded with its Twitter hours as an excuse. That was the first fail. Also for a company that is as global as British Airways, it should have people monitoring social media at all times. Unfortunately it had to learn a lesson the hard way. British Airways shouldn’t have to grovel but it should’ve offered a more sincere apology and worked on compensating the man. Not that compensation could erase the damage done with promoted tweets, but it could’ve made for a better story with media in how it handled the situation.

United Airlines faced the same sort of crisis when a YouTube video went viral about breaking a guitar. It ended up apologizing and donating money to a charity like the customer requested. From what I’ve read though, United didn’t do a whole lot in the way of making the public aware of its actions. An amazing amount of people saw the YouTube video so I would’ve thought that United would’ve wanted to promote the remedy more than it did.


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