Social Media So Fast You’ll Freak


To explain how well Jimmy John’s is at social media I could just fill this blog with screenshots of its posts and tweets. Since that won’t meet the 400 word requirement, let me explain to you why it is so good and show you evidence along the way.

ImageJimmy John’s tag line is subs so fast you’ll freak. I could say the same thing about its customer response time on Twitter. At the time I’m writing this, which is 9:00 p.m. ET, Jimmy John’s has replied to 66 people on Twitter today. It also retweeted seven tweets and included funny messages with them. I’d say that’s a pretty good day’s work for whoever is manning its Twitter account.

People tweet Jimmy John’s because they know someone will be there for them. It uses a tone that makes messages sound like they are coming from your best friend. A super excited, hyper best friend at that. The witty responses used are pure entertainment and really draw people in. Jimmy John’s has created a community where people want to share their love for the product and it does a great job highlighting it.

The lessons for other companies to learn from Jimmy John’s is to be human and engage your audience. Almost all of Jimmy John’s messaging on Twitter revolves around audience feedback. It is crowd sourcing for content without even asking for it.

ImageJimmy John’s uses a tone that is exciting and endearing. It doesn’t just respond with blanket statements. It crafts responses and puts effort into engaging back with its audience. Its audience can see they are important to the Jimmy John’s community and want to help spread the message about how great Jimmy John’s is. The messages that get personal responses with retweets are picked with care. I can tell that the tweets of the day are the best of the bunch and the ones that Jimmy John’s can have the most fun with.

One of the best examples I’ve found from Jimmy John’s is from a recent Twitter Q&A session it did. A college student asked Jimmy John’s for a menu board to make a beer pong table. I bet this student didn’t think that Jimmy John’s would actually just give her a beer pong table if she came to its office to pick it up. Jimmy John’s even had a sandwich and fun apparel waiting for her upon arrival. It’s all about customer experience for Jimmy John’s.

It’s not always positive with Jimmy John’s as I’ve lead you to believe so far. It takes the negative complaints with the positive. I saw plenty of tweets where Jimmy John’s was asking someone who tweeted a negative experience to send a direct message so it could take care of the issue. That’s another lesson companies can take away from this example. You can’t hide from the negative. If you embrace it, you can turn that negative into a positive.


My one piece of advice for Jimmy John’s is don’t take the weekends off. Yes everyone needs a day off but I’m sure there’s someone who can man your Twitter account on the weekends to provide the same great entertainment and customer service being providing during the week.



4 thoughts on “Social Media So Fast You’ll Freak

  1. This is a really good post. Look like Jimmy Johns has the right idea. Certainly setting a good example for fan engagement.

  2. Great post, Stacy! I love Jimmy John’s and like you, not just for the subs. The brands social media strategy is working. It does talk to people like they are friends, which is so important when engaging in ongoing conversations with fans. The main thing I noticed that Jimmy John’s does, which so many other brands don’t, is use the pronouns ‘I” and “me” when responding to fans. This is a very personal strategy that I wish other brands would use. So, when someone tweets or posts to the brand, “a person” responds, not just a corporation.

    Beyond it’s casual and friendly brand voice, Jimmy John’s is always trying new things on social media. I just saw it is promoting an Instagram contest, where they want to feature real people in videos. It is promoting this on all their social channels, not just Instagram, which is great cross-promotion. I’ll be interested to see what videos are created and how successful this new project is for them. I’m sure it’ll be great.

    The example you gave with the beer pong table, not only shows that the brand is listening, but also willing to go the extra mile. It doesn’t just respond with a “thank you” when someone posts about it, Jimmy John’s responds and then looks for even more of a way to connect with fans (beer pong table and brand swag) and then later promote the interaction/engagement on social channels, so even more fans see it!

    Overall, Jimmy John’s gets social media and is using different platforms to better connect with its loyal customers and fans.

    1. Great point about I and me in Jimmy John’s posts. That does make it sound more personal than a blanket “we” being more corporate. That contest you saw sounds great. It seems like Jimmy John’s would be better served in its commercial with people are a fan of its brand. Jimmy John’s really does take the extra step when responding with thoughtful, eye catching responses.

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