Still Searching for the Right Voice


KLM made a statement and put themselves high above the rest by providing such great social media customer service. They dedicated the resources to have 24 hours a day coverage of social media requests. I’m not sure I’ve heard of any other company doing that. That is a huge investment on their part and I’m sure it has a lot of benefits.

I agree with KLM that responding to your audience and watching a negative reaction change to a positive one is what makes it all worth it. The social media that I manage doesn’t see a lot of customer complaints but at a previous job I received all the fan feedback by email. I always tried to answer people who had questions or a negative complaint that I could address. I couldn’t address them all but the ones that I could answer I went out of my way to get back to them quickly and in a tone that would help the person change their reaction into a positive. Most of the time it worked and it made it all worth it for me.

Finding a human voice has always been hard for me when managing a brand’s social media. I tend to take a newsy tone, be straightforward and keep it very fact based. This might work for certain brands. The brand I manage now on social media could use a more laid back tone. It’s dealing with sports fans that are passionate and have a lot of energy and our tone should embody that as well. I just find it really hard to execute.

Finding my own personal voice is a challenge as well. My personal involvement in social media doesn’t amount to very much. I have accounts across all the major platforms and utilize some more than others. With Facebook I really only use it to post the fun we have as a family and the same goes for Instagram. The majority of the posts center on my daughter, so the tone is very fun and comes from a place of me being a proud mom. The relationships that I have developed with people revolves around them wanting to watch my daughter grow up. I’m sure I over posted her first year of her life but I always got great engagement with her photos and videos so I must’ve been giving my audience what they wanted to see.

I’m on Twitter constantly but I don’t tweet much from my own account. This is the platform where I’ve had the hardest time finding my voice. What do people want to hear from me? I haven’t really figured it out yet. I also haven’t built up any relationships in that space either. I’d like to start being a social media resource especially in the sports space. My voice would need to match that of a sports fan and come from a place of passion and being upbeat.


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