Building Blocks of Trust


Trust is hard for me to define. It’s not because of the usual response that people might give that they don’t trust many people. My issue is I trust everyone. I take what people say at face value and don’t question things. That’s why it is hard for me to define why I trust someone when I feel like I trust everyone.

The trust formula presented in our lecture made a lot of sense. The tweak I would have to the formula would be that certain factors weigh more heavily and that I wouldn’t just add them all up together. I’m thinking about building blocks and how certain combinations can add up to trust being built. You might get there using a different combination for each person and the tower of blocks/qualities is different each time you stack the blocks.

I do however strongly agree that self-promotion is what can ruin trust. There has to be a sense of selflessness to earn trust. The person can’t be in it for their own gain. Also helpfulness and intimacy stood out to me more than authority did. If someone is helpful in a genuine way and they are friendly and coming from a good place, then trust goes up.

I really liked how reliability was added in there. If you can’t rely on someone then you probably don’t have as much trust for them. You want someone to be there for you when you need them and not only when it is good for them. The people that embody reliability will always rank high in someone’s trust.

Northern Rail has done a great job building trust. The things that stood out to me were that they had a warm and friendly tone. The came off as human and showed that they cared about the person’s problem. They weren’t dismissing anything as too little to respond which goes a long way. Their responsiveness was off the charts. They simply didn’t apologize and leave messages at that. The person responding saw the conversation all the way to the end and really went the extra mile. It was more about the conversations and making sure they took action than just responding to tweets.

There are many companies that can use Northern Rail as an example. People want to know they are being heard and that their complaint or praise is being taken to heart. That is what will build trust for companies.


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