Don’t just check the box

No wonder I’ve never read thImagee terms and conditions for Facebook, Twitter or pretty much anything until today. My eyes are fried from long pages of small text that utilize words and phrases I don’t even understand.

That last sentence explains exactly why many don’t read the terms and conditions. It’s not much fun and you won’t walk away understanding much. They are in a legal language that many won’t comprehend on the first read. If you choose to read things over and over until you understand, you might never make it through the document. Some, including myself, turn a blind eye to the terms because we just don’t care or think that a company would hide something in there that might actually harm us. It’s not a great position to take but I’ve checked far too many boxes agreeing to turn back now and take a read.

I get that companies create these documents to cover their legal behinds but why can’t they figure out a way to be more user friendly. Make it so that someone might actually know what they are agreeing to when they check that little box. Companies probably make them this way so people won’t read them and know what is really going on.

My suggestion would be to make this area of social media sites interactive. Social media screams visual imagery these days, so why not take that approach. Make the text larger, streamline it into more understandable text and have a little more fun with it. Maybe they could have someone on video talking people through the different areas.

Parts of Facebook and Twitter’s terms and conditions did give examples which helped me understand different things. There were points when both would use images to help explain different areas. A complete redesign is needed though for more people to want to utilize these areas.

Like our lecture said, most of the terms are full of what you can’t do and not a lot about what the company is doing. I feel there is a lot being hidden. Facebook is very general and uses the word most far too often. If it isn’t all of something then what is happening to the rest Facebook?


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