Getting to know Stacy Shanks

My name is Stacy Shanks. I’m a grad student at the University of Florida getting my Masters in Mass Communications with a specialization in Social Media. I also received by BS in Advertising from the University of Florida as well in 2004. When I’m not studying and completing assignments, I’m working full time or being a wife to my husband of five years and a mother to my two-year-old Lily.

At the end of March, I took a new career path. I had worked for the Ladies Professional Golf Association for nine year steering their digital/mobile media strategies and platforms. I loved the golf industry but found myself needing a new challenge. I also wanted to find a position that allowed me to play a larger role in social media.

I landed at the United Soccer Leagues in Tampa as the Director of Digital Media. I’m overseeing the digital strategy for all of its leagues and taking each websites through a redesign. I’m also overseeing the social media strategy for each league as well and doing a lot of the posting. I’m really enjoying being hands on with social media and putting all that I’ve learned to use.

I’m really looking forward to our Social Media Ethics class. We are all going to face an ethical scenario in our line of work and with this class we can become as prepared as we  can be for how to handle situations that arise.


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