Does Office Depot Push or Pull?

Office Depot is solely in the industry of selling office supplies and that’s very apparent right when visiting It has a great navigation bar to help consumers find what they need easily. The home page is comprised of different areas that highlight specific products and deals. There’s not much going on with this site outside of selling products.

ImageThe only pull techniques I could find being utilized were signups for email newsletters, text messages and a rewards program. It did promote its own social media channels from the footer but I find that a poor attempt at pulling consumers into a social space. When it comes to push marketing, it’s utilizing the same areas that were used to pull customers in. Once people have signed up, they can be pushed messages through emails, text and a rewards program.

It’s apparent that this office supply company doesn’t find content useful, because I only found one section of content and it wasn’t easy to find. From the home page you can click a link to find all the content surrounding Office Depot’s One Direction Together Against Bullying Campaign. Within that section there’s great content but the site isn’t utilizing it in an effective way. It almost seems hidden on the website, when this same content is front and center on its social media channels. is extremely mobile friendly. If visited from a mobile device, you’re taken to a separate mobile site but there is a full site option in the footer if one prefers. There were no social sharing buttons to be found. I found this very odd. Why wouldn’t Office Depot want people to “like” or “share” products they found on the website. Not all social sharing buttons would apply, but I think specifically the like and share buttons make perfect sense. In regard to SEO, it seems Office Depot is working on it but doesn’t quite have it mastered. I’m sure the office supply industry is extremely competitive and it would be hard to constantly keep a high search ranking. I did a couple of tests and each time it was ranked on the first page but not within the first few listings.


My recommendation to Office Depot would be to develop content. Add a blog to the site that utilizes office supply content. Organizational articles could be written and shared across many channels. Products can be incorporated into the content but shouldn’t be the main focus. I also think it would benefit from incorporating social media into the website. Let your customers know which social media channels you are a part of and give direct links to those spaces. Allow customers to easy share products. Social feeds would make a great addition to the website, to help the site not only be about selling products. A customer could come to the site to buy a ream of paper but see tutorials and other types of content that keeps them coming back even when they aren’t in the mindset to purchase something.


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