Consistency is Key for Campaign Messages

611ee8799da373e9698c87d2f8e30273 copyCreating a marketing campaign is more involved now that there are so many communication channels to choose from. Companies need to know their audience and the best way to reach them. Once they know what areas to target, a message needs to be created that can be carried out consistently through all the areas. That’s the key to an integrated marketing campaign. Messages can be altered to fit the medium, but consistency is the key.

The brand I picked to research was Office Depot. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite brand but it is one company I noticed was doing well with integrated marketing. It seems that they utilize all the media channels they can to reach their audience. The messages they are disseminating are cohesive. This benefits them because their customers will see consistency. The more consistency, the faster the message will seep in and make a difference with the consumer.

The reason I chose Office Depot was because of a recent direct mail piece I received. When presented with this assignment, it got me thinking about what company to choose. I wanted to see how well Office Depot did among the other channels, if they still found direct mail to be successful.

When it comes to mainstream advertising, I’m not sure where they are buying TV commercials but I was able to find one of Office Depot’s most recent back to school commercial message on YouTube. This is the same back to school message I’ve seen in many of the other mediums. Their One Direction campaign was also tied into the commercial and can be seen prevalently across all channels.

Customers can sign up for a rewards program on and opt in to receive their email blasts or text messaging. I wasn’t receiving the emails previously but I am now. The first one I received was more introductory information based instead of being a marketing campaign message.

Facebook In terms of social media, Office Depot has it covered. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+. While not all the posts are the same, the content is on the same track. Most recently they’ve focused on back to school messages and the campaign with One Direction. While they post some of the same things across all the social platforms, it was great to see that they tailor other content to relate with the specific social platform.

Office Depot uses Facebook to entertain customers. They’ve posted funny videos that don’t quite relate to office products but will garner engagement and create conversations. I liked to see that they don’t post much more than once a day and the photos chosen were very engaging. Most of what I saw Office Depot post to Google+ was similar to Facebook. I don’t know enough yet about Google+ to say if that is a good or bad thing.

TwitterOn Twitter, a lot of the content was about the One Direction campaign which is consistent. There weren’t many days when they had more than three posts. Content that they utilized outside specific campaigns was retweets and promotional coupons. With Pinterest content, they keep up with the trends and post content that is popular on Pinterest. They’ve found ways to integrate their messages as well as create boards that closely relate to office products. A few of my favorite boards are the office humor, holiday and expression tape boards.

PinterestWith Instagram, they are also playing off what is popular and engaging content. The One Direction campaign was heavily used, as well as offering supply solutions and quotes. Their YouTube channel is another place where the One Direction campaign resides along with TV commercials and behind-the-scenes videos.

While Office Depot can be seen in all spaces, it’s not a bad thing since they are doing it well. None of their social media channels are being left behind. They are all being updated consistently and utilized in great ways.


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