Supercookies… nom, nom, nom

After this week’s reading I’m left thinking about what doesn’t use data tracking. It would probably be a shorter list than what does track data.

I’ve only worked for two companies and both I’ve started prior to the Facebook craze. I’ve never heard of a potential employer asking for login information. If I were ever in that position, it would make me question the company as one I probably don’t want to work for. I’m really surprised that companies felt they could do this. I guess they can because they’ve not found a precise law that says they can’t.

It’s nice to see government officials and state lawmakers are putting together bills to prevent this. Some might be surprised that Facebook is all for privacy but it makes sense to me. Allowing employers to be granted Facebook login information will keep people from utilizing Facebook and that isn’t something Facebook wants.

When the Instagram privacy policy changes first came out, I read a few articles about what it meant but it wasn’t enough to take action on my part. I sided with those that didn’t agree that it was right, but since it hadn’t affected me personally yet I wanted to continue using the app that I love.

Did anyone you delete your Instagram account when it released its privacy policy changes?

When it comes to tracking data in someone’s heart, I think that’s pretty cool. What isn’t cool is that the people that have this device implanted in them don’t have access to the data. The companies are looking for ways to profit of the data but they won’t spend the money to develop a system to share the data with those that need it the most, the patients.

Wow don’t supercookies sound yummy. Wrong. It’s just another device created to gather data without someone knowing what is being gathered. The bad side of the supercookie is that it’s been made to not be able to be removed easily. That’s where it crosses the line for me.

When you’re online do you think of all the ways your data is being tracked and shared?


8 thoughts on “Supercookies… nom, nom, nom

  1. Stacy,

    I wouldnt want to work for a company that asks for my Facebook information either. Although my last job did something similar with people in regards to Linkedin. I just lied and said I didnt remember my password and that I was locked out of my Linkedin account. I really wasn’t, I just was not about to give them access or have them dictate what I could and could not post. After resigning, I removed all of the executives from my profile. This was a small privately owned company, and I have learned that a lot of smaller private companies engage in behaviors like this. I dont think I would ever work for a small privately owned company again unless it was my own.

    It is good that legislators and lawmakers are doing something to get some laws to protect individual’s privacy. You would think they would have already done this when you think about how long we have had sites like Facebook and Myspace around. Im surprised no one hasn’t enacted any laws yet. It does make sense that Facebook would side with individuals’ and lawmakers when it comes to privacy. Like you said, they want to keep people on the site so they can continue to generate revenue through ads.

    When that whole instagram debacle happened, I brushed it off. I love instagram and they would have to like do something really bad in order for me to get off. I just shrugged the whole situation off and thought to myself, if any company wants to use my pictures be my guest…free publicity for me! Maybe this will help me get famous! LOL! But no, I didn’t deactivate my account and I dont think I ever will. I am obsessed with instagram. I will say, I do not add people at my job on instagram; Not that I live this crazy life outside of my professional network or anything, but you just never know what people will go back and show to HR. I know several people who have gotten in trouble at previous jobs because of things they have posted on their instagram or Facebook. Do you?

    Ever since I had my credit card information stolen last week (along with learning about Big Data and now supercookies and privacy), I am extremely aware and always wondering about all the ways in which my information is being tracked. I know I am being tracked because a lot of the things I search for always ends up in ads and website recommendations. I dont like it all….but I guess this is what comes with the internet nowadays. They may as well go ahead and implant those chips inside our bodies and start tracking everything we do.

  2. I actually joined Instagram recently and haven’t been too concerned with privacy issues. Maybe I should be. But I guess I just feel like if I’m agreeing to join a social network and post information about myself, it’s probably be tracked and used to gather more information. Now, if one of my pictures popped up in an ad I had no knowledge of, I’d probably be shocked (especially if it was for something inappropriate), but I haven’t been overly worried about that yet, because I don’t post anything I think someone else would want to use! haha But maybe I should be more concerned! This class is making me a little more paranoid (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet!).

    After the past two weeks, I’m now definitely more aware of how much tracking goes on. You made a good point the list of who isn’t tracking our every online move is probably pretty short. I’ve always assumed the information was going somewhere and that’s been easier to see with Facebook promoting certain ads depending on a user’s likes and interests. Now, I feel like I’ll definitely be more aware and conscious of all the tracking going on. But I’ll be interested in seeing if it deters me from leaving such a vast digital trail. I guess we’ll see!

    1. I wasn’t concerned about Instagram. From what I read a lot of photographers who use it were concerned because they definitely don’t like giving away their images.

  3. Great post, Stacy. 🙂

    I never considered deleting my instagram. I guess I just assume if it’s posted on the internet, I’m giving up most of my rights to it. I try to only post pics of my dog, and I keep my insta pics private, but I know that’s just false security.

    I had one instance at a previous job where I was called into my boss’ office, and he handed me a printout of my Facebook profile picture. It was just a pic of me laying out at the beach. He told me that it was inappropriate, and was upset that I wouldn’t accept his friend request. I cursed myself for not just blocking him to begin with, but I did immediately after that. Who cares if my pic is of me at the beach in a bikini? It wasn’t sexual, vulgar, or showing me drinking and doing kegstands. I was LIVID.

  4. I’m with you, I don’t think I’d want the job if a potential employer requested my login information. Thanks, I’ll find something less intrusive! I actually don’t love Instagram, so I’m not planning on doing anything differently with my account. Hopefully that won’t come back to bite me later on! Until this course, I never really thought about the digital bread crumbs I’m leaving around the internet (thanks a lot, Dr. S), but now I’m overly aware. Sometimes when I’m doing some heavy surfing, I envision that ultra-creepy Collusion website branching out link after link of my connectivity. I shudder to think what Big Bro has up his sleeves for me.

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