How big is an exabyte?

For years I had a blackberry issued to me from my employer. That thing was useless at browsing the internet. The only use it served was checking email. The year that the LPGA launched its iPhone App is the year I was given an iPhone. How was I supposed to manage an app if I couldn’t access it? Even though this was years ago, I still remember the day I got it and how excited I was. I consulted all my friends for app recommendations and I went to work on filling my phone with all sorts of mobile goodness.

I don’t really know how I functioned without an iPhone for so many years. It seems like the options are endless for what it can do. I can talk on it, play games, search the internet, interact on social media and find my way around Sea World. I know that last one is a bit random, but today that’s what I did. I used Sea World’s app to get me around their amusement park. My favorite feature was the photo area where you could put fun frames on the pictures you were taking in the park.

What are your favorite apps? Not necessarily the ones you use the most but the ones you enjoy the most.

Our reading this week from Cisco rattled off some crazy statistics. None of them are too surprising. I think I did a double take when I read the word exabyte. I’ve never heard of that measurement, must be because it is so large. I’m interested in the mobile video traffic the most. In 2012, video was 51% of mobile traffic. I don’t watch that much video on my mobile phone but can understand that statistic with the popularity of YouTube and Netflix.

Do you watch a lot of video from your mobile device?

Another reason I’m interested in mobile video traffic is because this year when we relaunched all of the LPGA mobile platforms and a new feature was video content. I’m interested to see our fans’ reactions and the amount of engagement we get with videos on mobile.

I enjoyed reading about QR codes this week. While I understand how quick and easy they are to use, I just don’t feel they are that popular. I wish they were. I wish more people would catch on and utilize them. The article referred to a QR code as an offline hyperlink. That made total sense. Why wouldn’t you place them all over your marketing materials for an easy way to drive traffic back to your content?

What is everyone’s opinion on QR codes?


6 thoughts on “How big is an exabyte?

  1. Seriously- an EXAbyte? I’ve never even heard of that… I probably use most of my mobile bandwidth for a combination of email, Tweeting, and online banking. I go through phases with apps… I can’t honestly think of any outside of those categories that I’ve opened in the past few days. Then there are other times where I play level after level of Angry Birds, or spend hours reading in iBooks. I don’t believe I use as many apps as the average iPhone user… My activities tend to be pretty straightforward and just utilizing the internet access.

    I really don’t watch a lot of video on my phone, either. However, I know there are a lot of people that do. For example, my mom is very involved in beading. She will selectively purchase books, and has favorite blogs and Facebook pages that provide patterns, but a great deal of her time is spent watching tutorial videos on YouTube. She has an iPhone, Nook, and laptop, and I’m willing to bet that the majority of her interaction with these devices is the YouTube app on her phone. I guess it just depends on what kind of media you seek. I stream audio on Spotify far more than I watch videos.

    As for QR codes… I ranted a bit about them in my blog post. I see so many crimes against QR codes that I wonder if it really will be a lasting technology.

    1. I tend to use the same Apps over and over as well. I have so many downloaded I don’t remember all that I have.

      I too like your mom use YouTube tutorials for sewing. My iPad comes in really handy next to my sewing machine when I’m working on a new project.

  2. Stacy, I have a few apps that I enjoy the most. One is called “Houzz” and it showcases tons of home decorating ideas. I’m currently renovating an older home, that was significantly out-of-date, so this app allows me to daydream about what my house can look like someday. I also enjoy a local app called “Park Noke.” It was created by the City of Roanoke to allow people to know where to park in the downtown area. Roanoke isn’t large by any means, so it’s not hard to navigate, but it can be challenging to find available parking. It also allows for you to see if there are road closures during festivals and other special events. It’s a great local app for people living in my area.

    As for watching videos on mobile devices. I do it all the time. When someone posts a link to a YouTube or to a news story, I generally click immediately and view on my phone. I have yet to watch a movie on any of my mobile devices, but I’m sure if I had enough free time I would.

    1. Those both sound like really cool apps. I wish Chicago had that parking app. I just visited there and parking was the most frustrating thing. They could definitely use a parking app.

      On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 12:54 PM, stacyshanks

  3. My favorite apps are either shazzam or IMDB and for completely different reasons– I use IMDB all the time. Either as a reference or to solve a debate. I love shazzam because the idea is so cool, and then, I can flip over to my music app and listen to the song or entire album of the artist I now enjoy.

    I have the tendency to watch a lot of YouTube clips on my phone that people send me. I also watch lectures on my phone when it’s convenient. If I have some down time and I’m connected to a WiFi zone I downloaded the Mediasite app to stream them.

    Truth be told, people do place the QR code on marketing materials, they just are not always properly executed to they’re missed. Marketing fails. Done well, they could really do a lot for business.

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