How many LIKES equal success?

The Marketing Blue Print video was 20 minutes of nonstop information. That guy was excited. I felt I couldn’t keep up, so I took notes to review later. While I understood a lot of what he was saying, I’m left scratching my head a bit. It might take me awhile to grasp all that he presented. My key takeaways were that everything in business needs to be measured. He broke down how traffic, source, and content leads to conversions. I need to sit down and look at Google analytics with the notes from his video to fully understand how I can apply this.

I liked the HootSuite site the most, until I saw all those great tools are a part of a monthly subscription. They seem like a one stop shop for analyzing all areas of social media traffic.  My view of HootSuite prior to this was that you could schedule tweets and posts. I didn’t know that analytics reporting was offered.

I’m not very familiar with the analytics that Facebook provides, so I thought I’d go take a look at the LPGA’s fan page. We have more than 60,000 fans, but it seems most posts are only seen by 10,000 or less. For the longest time I never saw anything in my news feed from the LPGA and I’m an administrator on the page. There was some hidden setting that was keeping the posts from showing up for me. I think Facebook has something in place to keep fan pages from appearing in our news feeds as much. Does anyone have any insight on this?

Facebook does provide a lot of detail to fan page administrators. It breaks down each post made and reports reach, number of engaged users, number of people talking about the post and its virality. This area allows you to sort data in many different ways, to see what posts were the most popular. Facebook will also breakdown the demographics of those who have liked the page. It goes even further to show you the demos of the people interacting with posts.

I wish Twitter would provide a similar analytics tool. It seems like I have to look to other companies to see what the analytics are for a Twitter account. For those classmates who track Twitter accounts, what analytics tools do you use?

The Mashable article on Digital Selves was spot on. Companies have to look at their audience through all areas of social media to get the full picture of one’s digital self. That can even include things like an Amazon wish list. The companies I interact with on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and search are all pieces that make up my digital puzzle. To fully understand me, a company needs to look at the puzzle as a whole. What social channels make of your digital self?

Adobe and Google are making great strides to help people understand analytics. It does go way beyond likes and followers at this point. What’s the importance of a like on Facebook if no one is engaging with your content? Social media analytics help you tailor your content just like website analytics does. I like that Google is providing a free service for social engagement but it seems Adobe’s product might offer more with their hefty price tag.

I really like reading examples about how others have used social media. Our readings on the public mood in the UK and social CRM were two great reads. I feel like I can learn a lot from the UK Twitter example. The way they set up their article is how I should mirror my research proposal that is due towards the end of this semester. The article on social CRM and how banks are using social media was also good insight. It shows how all industries are affected by the influx in popularity of social media. Not even banks can ignore this. They too need to monitor social media postings and find ways to utilize this media to reach their customers and make conversions.


6 thoughts on “How many LIKES equal success?

  1. Hi Stacy,

    Nice summary! I’m with ya on the 20 minute video!! He talked so fast and with few useful picture graphics that I didn’t grasp much of it. My favorite reading this week was the UK research study on Twitter, so well done! And a great research question. I agree that it will be a great model later for your final papers. Unfortunately I can’t help you with your technical questions posed, but as for as my “digital self” I think it includes: Amazon, Facebook, and Pinterest. Pinterest is the biggest because I use it as a placeholder for things I’d like to buy, and it works because I’ve order products from shops and sellers all over the country because of it. I have to admit I don’t have a Twitter account. Am I missing out?

    1. Yay another Pinterest addict. Although since I’ve started school I barely go on anymore. It’s depressing and I miss it but I just don’t have the time I used to have to flip through pages of pins for hours. I love to pin recipes, workouts and sewing tutorials for little girls dress. I’m glad you follow through with your purchases of the products you find on Pinterest. Most of what I pin will never get used but I pin it just incase or for a rainy day when I want to try out a new craft idea.

      I use Twitter mostly for work. I don’t tweet anything because I don’t really have anything to share that people want or need to consume. At the LPGA, we have over 150 players who have Twitter accounts. I check it often to see what our players are posting, so I can reuse it for website content.

      I don’t know that you’re missing much. I think it depends on what you’re using Twitter for. If you’re obsessed with a celebrity or athlete it’s a great way to learn stuff about them. If you’re big into sports, a lot of teams live tweet games which can be helpful if you’re away from a TV when the event takes place.

      Breaking news is another popular piece of Twitter. You can follow you’re favorite brands or websites. They will tweet links to their content which gives you easy access to something you may want to read. Other than those examples, I don’t see many other uses for it from my experience.

  2. After comparing the two videos, I was impressed with the amount of money that I felt HootSuite put into their video versus Caffeine Joe (I’m into nicknames, I apologize). But, HootSuite charges more, so that might have something to do with it. HootSuite does have a free monthly account that seems to provide a decent amount of information for being free, but from what I can tell, it’s not too easy to navigate, which is the downside to a lot of these programs. I’m not sure that I like the ability to schedule posts– there are some things you’ll always want to be able to set ahead of time, but there are others that I think you need to leave natural. I understand this is just an “added bonus” but I feel they have the tendency to over sell this feature.

    When Faceback made the switch to the timeline it somehow buried pages based on your interaction with them. So unless you checked the page frequently, the updates were hidden from your feed during the change. You can go and check the page now (or a friend’s profile for that matter) and they’ll show back up in your feed more regularly.

    Facebook, twitter, Instagram (although only occasionally on this one) make up my social media diet. Amazon usually has a pretty good beat on what to suggest next for me to purchase and MOG (the music app I devour) can figure out the next best thing for me to listen to as well.

    Analytics are available to companies if they can pay that price tag. I like the fact that options are available without it… they may not be quite as good as the others, but I think there may be too much information in pricey ones. You can always get more for less if you try a little harder. (Insert shooting star here) The more you know…

    1. I like your Caffeine Joe nickname. It was perfect. I’ve not ever used an automatic posting tool for social media. It does sound handy but I think I would schedule too much and forget what was going out. Although for vacation time and sick days it might help someone take care of things more easily.

  3. Good Morning Stacy,

    Well today is your lucky day because twitter launched Twitter Analytics yesterday and guess what? It is totally free!!! Here is the article for you to check it out and learn about its tools: How do you think it will compare to Facebook? Do you think it will be just as informative and effective considering that they are two very different social media? I hope you are able to use it to see how effective the LPGA twitter account is and if you guys’ social media campaign is reaching it’s goals. Do you know the goals for the LPGA when it comes to your social media campaigns? What is it that you guys hope to achieve?

    Hootsuit is amazing right? Have you had a chance to use it much? Do you think it would be beneficial to pay for it or do you think the free tools are just as effective with providing those results?

    Regarding my social digital self, Instagram, Twitter (sometimes Facebook), Groupon, my amazon wish list and Vine make up my digital puzzle. It is extremely important for a company to look at an audiences complete “digital” self as opposed to varying pieces if they want to get a true feel for you they are interacting and engaging with.

    With the emotional responses to events, do you sometimes feel like some of these emotions should be kept to themselves or discussed with close friends and family? Have you ever changed your view or opinion of someone or a company after reading an intense emotionally charged reaction that they posted on Facebook or Tweeted in response to a national event? During election time, do you think companies should stay neutral and not voice their opinions/emotions in order to retain their whole customer base and not lose those customers who align with opposing views? Remember when Chick-fil-a openly voiced its disgust with the gay community and same sex marriage? Or Starbucks support of the LGBT community? When it pertains to marketing and achieving business objectives via social media campaigns and social media marketing do you think it is in their best interest to not publicly voice those opinions?

    1. How exciting about Twitter analytics. Thank you for the article. I’m on a trip right now, but can’t wait to check it out when I have more time to consume it all. It’ll be interesting to see what metrics they provide and what they measure based on posts and followers. I don’t do a whole lot with the LPGA’s social media as we have an employee who runs it, so I can’t specifically speak to the goals she has set for us.

      I haven’t had a chance to use HootSuite yet but I might give the free trial a test run. It seems all the cool stuff I was looking forward to was a part of their paid plan.

      Some people can be too emotional on social media and may end up regretting sounding their frustrations later. It happens to a lot of athletes or to those who have lost jobs by posting negative comments about their jobs. I have a friend on Facebook who only complains. I’m tired of her negativity and am very closes to hiding her posts.

      I mostly interact with just friends through social media even though I follow or like companies. I don’t think political views should be shared by these companies. I think it is a way for them to loose fans. We have a Google advertising space on our website where they fill in ads from companies. I remember one year getting a lot of emails that these spaces were showing local politician advertisements and our fans were up set. They thought we were the ones choosing to run then ad, when they actually were automatically coming from Google and I couldn’t see them because I wasn’t in their same area. The fans were upset because they thought we were supporting a side of politics that they didn’t. For this reason I don’t think it is wise for a company to share their opinion.

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