Let’s Share More Content

Our first reading touched on search engine optimization a little more. All I could think at the time was what the Googlebot would look like if they turned it into a character. Looks like I’m not the only one. Check out the images in Google search. While you were reading did you try and picture it as well?

I really enjoyed the second reading on social reports. I deal a lot with analytics in my job. I’m usually too busy to explore all that Google Analytics has to offer. This report helped explain more areas I had not uncovered yet.

Social media is a key driver to content. It is important to analyze what social networking sites drive the most traffic for your business. While reading this report, I logged on to my company’s Google Analytics account to check out the social area. I found that one of our big traffic drivers is a site called Naver. I’d never heard of it but found out that it is a search engine in South Korea. That made complete sense, because at the LPGA we have many great players from South Korea and golf is very popular over there.

It’s important to know what social sites are driving the most traffic your way. Then you can tailor your attention in the right area based on the data you found. Another important area is what content is being shared by your users. Are the social share buttons on your site being utilized? Once you look at this report, you can get a sense of the type of content that is shared the most. Again this data takes out the guessing game and you can focus your attention on stuff that is more likely to get shared. Do you share a lot of content from websites after you’ve consumed something?

Our last two readings talked about two great tools. I do a weekly analytics report and can’t wait to try out Visual.ly. Numbers and excel documents can be so boring. I’m excited to jazz up the data so easily with a free tool. I also think WordPress incorporating a Google Analytics plugin was a smart move. I’m sure people looking to start a blog would pick WordPress for that tool alone.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Share More Content

  1. Stacy,

    While reading the articles, I did not wonder what the Googlebot character would look like however I did click on the google images and I found them to be extremely funny and interesting. I’m assuming you enjoy looking at the google designs when they animate the Google logo from time to time?

    I also enjoyed the readings on the Social Reports. They were extremely helpful and I wish I had an actual business or website to use these tools with. I envy you! Isn’t it amazing how your company is linked in South Korea based on analytics and demographics from players in LPGA and the popularity of the sport in that country? Isn’t it fascinating?

    I haven’t launched my website yet so I dont have any social sites buttons to be used. But, how do you had the social buttons to your Word Press Blog? I would like to add them to my blog.

    Regarding sharing information that I read, I guess it depends on how important I feel it is. A couple of weeks ago, I retweeted tweets from CNN regarding Boy Scouts accepting gay members, which created an interesting debate between my followers and I. So on twitter, I ocassionally retweet Breaking news, interesting stories, or advertisements I feel my followers can benefit on. You all know i am not fond of Facebook, so I never share content on facebook, although I will occassionally share things on Pinterest.

    I thought it was a smart move for word press to incorporate Google Analytics as well. I think more people will use it too as opposed to Blogspot and others.

    1. Thanks for the comment Tammy. I do always find it amusing when Google changes the design and adds animation.

      It really is fascinating to see the popularity of golf and its fan following all over the world. I would probably compare it to my love for Gator football. That is probably the only sport I would stay up late to watch if they decided to play a game in a far away time zone.

      It took a bit of digging but I figured out how to add share buttons to our blogs. In WordPress, go to settings and then sharing. In the middle of the page you’ll see a WordPress option, Twitter and Facebook listed under enable options. Drag those to the right into the grey box. Save your changes. This will add a share button area at the bottom of your posts where people can choose to share your blog through WordPress, Twitter or Facebook.

      I love hearing about how others share information via social networks. We’re all so different and no one ever does it the same as another.

  2. Stacy –

    The share buttons on my day job’s website aren’t being used as often as one would think. However, our association serves an older population not necessarily found on Facebook so maybe our target market isn’t exactly social media savvy.

    But I think it comes down to the share-ability of the content. Our website is member centric and most of the high-level (important) information is sent to members via email or prior to getting to the web. So they’ve already had an opportunity to see the content, and knowing other members have seen it there is no incentive to share it.

    Or it could be the fact our content as a whole isn’t perceived as something needing sharing.

    Or the buttons are hidden.

    Or … or … or.

    I really need to get testing now and trying to get more interaction!

    Thanks for the push in the right direction,


    1. Dave,

      I’m in the same boat as you. Our company’s website doesn’t have a lot of interaction with our share buttons. I also think it is due to the older audience we serve. While that audience is most likely on Facebook, they don’t seem to be the type that would think to share content from a website they visit.

      We have the share buttons at the top and bottom of each piece of content. I tried getting our developers to make them bigger, thinking people might not see them easily. Unfortunately they are out of the box buttons and only come in one size. What a bummer.

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