A little bit about me

This is not my blog post for week two. I thought it would be helpful to tell everyone a little bit about myself and my work. Hopefully this will help when I start blogging about how I can apply my learning to my work, or when I share examples of things I’ve done that might help you.

I work for the Ladies Professional Golf Association and my main responsibility is to manage lpga.com. If you’re not familiar with the LPGA, we are just like the PGA Tour but for women. I use lpga.com to display scores from our golf events, provide information on our players and promote our sponsors. It’s a very in-depth, content rich site which we keep updated at all hours of the day, depending on where in the world we are playing golf that week. I also work with our international websites (Japanese, Korean, Chinese and soon Spanish), manage our mobile platforms (mobile websites, iPhone App, Android App and most recently a Tablet web App) and build tournament mobile websites.

I’m very excited about this class. It seems that all the subjects we’re going to cover will relate to things I do on a daily basis. I can’t wait to apply what I’m about to learn.


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